Valentine's Meaning of Flowers

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Every flower has a unique shape, colour, scent, and numerous arrangement options. Such diversity makes flowers a perfect gift for nearly every celebration. Valentine's Day, in particular, is one of our main occasions to choose a beautiful arrangement for a loved person. We will look at some of the meanings behind the flowers, and why they might be a perfect fit for your significant other. 

red rose

Red Roses

Red roses are perhaps the most iconic flowers associated with love. In fact, this association dates back to Roman mythology, when red roses became associated with Venus, the goddess of love. Therefore, it is no surprise that we keep positioning red roses as the main symbol of romance. 



Throughout the centuries tulips were inspiring artists for paintings and poetry. These flowers are a direct definition of passion, and they can unwillingly inspire anyone for a romantic mood. In relation to this, tulips can be your perfect opportunity to show a strong passion for someone. 


white roses


White Roses

Nothing brings a better ambience of pure love as white roses. This breathtaking shade of rose has been long perceived as a symbol of purity and a new beginning. Thus, it is often used in wedding compositions. At the same time, it also brings a strong sense of connection and nearly spiritual bond with a significant other throughout Valentine's day. 

pink roses

Pink Roses

Pink roses are often associated with paradise and highly valued for their long history in the artistic side of our culture. We tend to associate pink roses with elegance and subtle sympathy. Pink roses can, therefore, be your perfect sign of feelings for the person you like. 

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