Top 3 Gifts to Brighten Someone's Day.

It’s always important when deciding on a gift to make the right selection. A well intentioned and selected gift can say anything from “I’m sorry about the dinner party” to “Thanks for all of your hard work”. A gift should make the recipient feel cared for and and held in high regard.

As such, here are three gift recommendations from us at Flower Lane:

1: Sweet Gift Box

Filled with an assortment of lilacs and white flowers, the Sweet Gift Box features tasty macaroons in naturally appealing colours. It is perfect as a thank you gift or even for special occasions.


2: Soft Flower Box with Muffins

Our second gift instead contains delicious muffins next to a composition of delicate flowers to complement the appetising styling of the muffins. The gift box has a focus on presentation, with ribbon tied lavender on the corner to make a statement. The Soft Flower Box is ideal for a range of occasions, whether it’s being given to a co-worker or as a get well gift.


3: Flower Box with Mini Meringue Pies

This is our newest addition to our selection and it distinguishes itself with its lively combination of greens contrasted with the light touch of pink spray roses and the enamouring white lily on top. It combines the delicacy of light tones with the playfulness of the greens.

The mini meringue pies are fresh and and have a really good texture, crunchy on the outside while soft and pleasantly fruity on the inside.

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