The Guide To May Bloomers

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Very soon we will be able to enjoy the summer and appreciate all the beautiful flowers around. However, a lot of incredible are already blooming, and we would like to let you know about some of the alluring May bloomers. 

blue iris
Iris takes its name from the Greek goddess of the rainbow, and considering the vast variety of colours that Iris has to offer, it is truly a rainbow flower of the Spring season. Iris is a great addition of colour to any garden, but it can also perfectly fit the original flower arrangement inspired by the Spring. 

purple lilacs
Lilacs offer a very specific and incredibly captivating scent, which guides you throughout the Spring garden. Even though we tend to see lilacs growing in gardens as a decorative outdoor plant, lilacs can, in fact, be a very good addition to a seasonal arrangement. Wilderness and pleasant scent make these flowers highly preferable for the table arrangements, or wedding bouquets. 

yellow freesias
Freesias originated in South Africa and despite this exoticness, they can well adjust to the European climate. It gives us beautiful multicoloured blooms in May. Freesias can be perfect statement hints in your arrangement, which requires a hint of an exotic flair. 

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