As the season of the peony comes to a close, we transition towards the summer highlight: the sunflower. The peonies, which first bloom in May, have graced us with their vibrant colours and variety and we took the opportunity to feature them in many of our arrangements.


peonies arrangement


And so after having enjoyed the peonies vibrancy and appreciated its versatility and richness as a plant, we can now bask in the sun along with the sunflowers, which seems fitting during Ireland’s current Saharan conditions.


The sunflower is one of my favourite flowers and it really connotes summertime - this is evident from the interest they’ve been receiving the shop. Traditionally, the sunflower symbolises warmth, happiness and strength, also being a good luck symbol in Chinese culture. The rich yellow and orange in Van Gogh’s famous representation of the sunflower accurately projects the warmth and positivity one feels when looking at a sunflower.


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