How to Make A Beautiful Autumn Basket

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Growing plants in the hanging baskets can be challenging for both plants and gardeners. However, you can achieve breathtaking flower compositions just by choosing the right plants, a suitable potting mix and a practical hanging basket.

With a clever recipe for the hanging baskets, only in a few steps, we can extend the gardening season a little bit longer.  Please keep in mind that the autumn basket will only last until the first frost. Then we will repot the plants and bring them indoors for the winter.

Below you will find a few simple steps that will help to create a beautiful flower basket. So, let‘s start!

  • Find a hanging basket.
  • Fill it with good-quality potting soil.
  • Add yellow pansies and radiant marigolds to give the arrangement bright bursts of color.
  • Between the flowers, add a dose of purple, red or violet.
  • Use green foliage or provide the basket with edible elements as thyme, or oregano. Mixed flowers and foliage make interesting fillers for baskets.
  • To refine the basket, use some decor elements.

That‘s it. Enjoy the basket. Enjoy the autumn.

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