Flowers With The Strongest Fragrance

flowers garden hyacinth jasmine roses spring flowers

Flowers are incredibly beautiful, but one of the crucial aspects that makes us happy is a pleasant fragrance. In this article, we are looking at some of the most fragrant flowers either for your perfect Spring garden or for the interior decoration. 



Jasmine has an incredibly strong smell and we all know this flower as one of the frequent components in perfumes or home scents. Beautiful white color makes this flower also fascinating in any type of scenery. 

jasmine flower


Roses are probably some of the most popular flowers that everyone knows. In addition, roses have a compelling fragrance. A variety of shades and pleasance of the aroma makes this flower a perfect choice for any taste. 



With the sweetness of the aroma and the entire palette of pastel shades, a hyacinth is a perfect option for the garden decoration. The smell will lead you throughout the garden, whilst vivid colors will complement the exterior. 


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