Flowers That Bloom in Winter

camellia crocus flowers snowdrop winter flowers

Usually, we associate flowers only with summer or spring, when the weather is warm, days are filled with sun, and fields turn into the endless color palettes. However, flowers can also successfully survive and even bloom in the winter season! Let us take a look at some of the flowers that feel perfectly well in the coldest temperatures. 

white snowdrop flowers
Snowdrops are one of the first flowers that come into mind when thinking about winter blooming. Whenever we see the first signs of snowdrops blooming through the winter soil, we immediately understand that spring is coming. 


purple crocus flowers on the field

Another addition to the winter-blooming is crocus. Crocus is one of the first bloomers and it can be easily distinguished by the beautiful shades of purple. Crocus brings us the color that we truly lack throughout the cold months of winter.


camellia flower

One of the less known winter-bloomers is Camellia. On average, Camellia would require around 5 hours of sunlight and it is perfectly adjusted for the moderate temperatures. These two factors make Camellia well-adapted to the cold season. Camellia can vary in colors bringing us beautiful shades during the cold months.

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