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With the spooky Halloween season in our minds, we wanted to prove to you that this festive season is actually a great opportunity to decorate your house with exciting and original flower compositions!

table with flowers and pumpkins

Our Flower Lane team recently held a pumpkin fest, where families with their children decorated unusual yet astonishingly beautiful pumpkin flower arrangements! With a total of 150 pumpkins decorated, this event suggested a variety of options for a stylish autumn house decor, and we are happy to share some of them with you in this article. 

pumpkin flowers

If you would like to design your own flower pumpkin, start with choosing the correct flower colours. Pumpkin decoration will look great with the flower shades that closely resemble natural autumn colours. Think about the shades of orange, yellow, or red that bring up the greatest autumn memories in your mind. These colours will look great in an orange pumpkin and they will also perfectly match each other. 

flower composition in a pumpkin

Next, think about choosing the correct flower size. To make the pumpkin decoration more interesting, you will want to include some great small details and different types of flowers. Considering the size of the pumpkin, make sure that you do not choose flowers that are too big. Otherwise, you won't be able to include much detail in a pumpkin. 

flower composition

Lastly, turn your creativity into a full mode. Mix and match different flowers, experiment with the colours, and get some natural decoration elements from your own autumn backyard. The more creativity you will put into it, the more original and personal it will feel. 

pumpkin with white flowers

Hopefully, our tips will help you bring pumpkin fest into your home! Remember that there are great ways to make original flower decorations for your home, and designing a pumpkin is one of them. If you would like to receive more tips or get a pumpkin decoration, come visit us in-store. We will be happy to discuss a pumpkin flower arrangement with you!

pumpkin flowers and a pink dress

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