Easter Flowers

easter flowers hyacinth lilies spring tulips

With an Easter just around the corner, you are certainly planning colourful egg shades for this year's celebration. However, Easter is a Spring holiday, which means, blooming flowers are an as important part of festivity! Let's take a look at some of the flowers that will add beauty to your celebration. 



A lot of us associate Spring bloomers particularly with tulips. Coming in a number of different colours and shades, tulips are a perfect flower alternative to Easter eggs. In fact, many people associate tulips with Easter particularly due to their shape as the spherical tulip highly resembles an egg from your festive table. 

bouquet of tulips

White Lilies

Lilies are perceived to be a symbol of purity, innocence, and resurrection. White colour adds a sense of freshness that we enjoy throughout the Spring. What is more, lilies are fairly easy to style with other flowers, resulting in unique arrangements suitable for different characters. 



Hyacinth is one of the most popular Spring bloomers. We particularly love this flower due to its fresh and highly pleasant smell. Throughout the entire Spring, a lot of hyacinths become available in the flower stores, making them a preferable component in numerous bouquets. Either as the main flower or just as an addition, hyacinth will add crucial flair component to any composition. 

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